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  • Building Doors at Galaxy

    Galaxy Metal Products is proud to be a part of the Super Stud Building Products Affiliated Companies. This group manufactures and supplies all necessary systems and components to provide a complete, dried-in structural shell:

    • Super Stud Building Products provides structural steel framing and curtainwall for all load-bearing conditions, both interior and exterior.
    • FRO MAR™ Steel Structural Panels supplies the panel system for load-bearing residential and mid-rise exterior construction where resistance to wind and seismic forces, as well as speed of construction are key design requirements.
    • Energex® Wall Systems provides EIFS solutions for the architectural finish to the structure’s exterior.
    • Galaxy Metal Products supplies doors frames and hardware that are UL Classified and can meet most any design requirements

    No other organization or group in our industry, regardless of size, can offer this comprehensive range of Design/Build Solutions to the design and contracting communities.

    Contact a sales rep today to see more ways that the Super Stud Building Product Affiliated Companies can help you build.

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